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Web Design Services

We offer a range of web design services from simple page building to complex e-commerce sites with almost everything in between. In addition we can host your site. Its a soup to nuts service. EXCEPT. We do not confuse programming skills with art and design. Instead we work with graphic and web designers to create efficient, light-weight pages.

We maintain an on-line portfolio which show cases some of our client work and that of our favourite graphic artist Julia Waks (who at last has found to time to build her own super site). We NEVER pretend that good web programmers are also graphic artists. Our unique approach is in recognizing how to MARRY the two skills. Like 'Peaches and Cream' or 'Vodka nd Caviar' or whatever your own predilection is...

Each web site is almost by its nature a specialised project and has a custom price tag associated with it.


Sites are increasingly becoming dynamic in nature. This can cause a significant increase in on-going site maintainence costs which can easily dwarf initial construction costs. ZYTRAX has introduced a new, low-cost approach under the service name YourWeb. This services consists currently of three parts.

  1. WebStats - monthly analysis of your site usage
  2. Intranet - self administered secure web access
  3. Web-Edit - low cost maintenance for non-specialist staff

Custom Pricing

In general a simple 3 - 5 page web with a graphic artist involved will cost between $800 - 1,200, without an artist around $400 to $600.

A simple 8 - 12 page web with a graphic artist involved will cost between $1,800 - 2,500, without an artist around $1,000 to $1,500.

We have an on-line portfolio here show-casing some of our client work.

Web Services

We offer the following specialist services

Cookie Cutter Webs

There are some excellent web templating (CMS) systems now available. We have extensive experience of using these tools. Here is an example web site that took < 1 day to put together. It may be the right approach for you.

More Information

You may want to look at our web technical specs or our designer info.


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Mixed Family and Personal site - CSS liquid layout - Julia Waks design

Zytrax - Advanced CSS pages popup menus and fully liquid CSS layout

Julia Waks site - we only did the programming - full CSS layout and liquid design

Mouth watering Ripples Ice Cream site (Julia Waks design)

Galerie Klinkhoff - artist page layout sample (Julia Waks design) site - Full CSS layout and liquid design (Julia Waks design)

Fabric Specialist and Interior designer Charlotte Crystal (Julia Waks design)

Site for enthusiastic and safe running based on the Chi method (Julia Waks design)

Self managed site (webedit) for a Shanti style Yoga school (Julia Waks design)

SteamPacketRadio - Background is KualaLumpur by day!

Stark, Minimalist look for a gallery of Modern Art - Julia Waks design

ZyTrax - complex Javascript implementation of a series of wireless calculators

Legal client - navigation sample (Julia Waks design)

AMBATZIS - Low Cost business site (Julia Waks design)


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