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This page provides a repository for software freely available from Zytrax, Inc.


  1. LDAPviewer (LDAP Browser)
  2. XSSI Expansion Tool

XSSI Expansion Tool

We are addicted to the use of (X)SSI includes. IOHO it both allows us to minimise HTML/CSS development and to maximise our ability to change page format and layout quickly. By changing included files only we immediately propagate changes to all HTML files. We use it for meta data, stylesheets, page headers, page footers, left and right hand menus and navigation bars. Essentially everything except the main content block. Great stuff.

The bad news is what to do with HTML viwers (such as Java) or web servers that do not support (X)SSI. These cases require complete, fully expanded HTML/CSS files. Life is too short to do this manually for more than one file.

We slapped together (wrote would be an exageration) this trivial (and limited) (X)SSI expansion tool. It processes all .html, .htm and .shtml files from a single source directory and writes the expanded versions to a single target directory. For each source directory file the utility:

  1. Expands all Apache <!--#include directives from their relative URLs and includes the contents in-line into the html, htm or shtml file.

  2. Copies all image files (referenced in <img> tags) to a target/images folder (which it creates if not present).

  3. Changes the image reference in the img tag to point to the new location.

  4. All other Apache (X)SSI directives are not processed and left unmodified.

  5. Writes the expanded and/or modified file to a target directory (silently overwriting files with the same name).

  6. Outputs some statistics (files processed, expansion count, image count and error count) at the end of the run (and will display errors if encountered)

The net result being files that will load on any server or HTML viewer. Eureka.

We claim no copyright for the utitlity or its source code. Feel free to use in any way you see fit (subject only to the normal fitness for use/purpose caveats). If you develop it further we'd be very happy if you send us the changes but we do not insist on it. The utility may be dowloaded as a jar (20K) for direct execution. However, if you don't trust us or wish to develop it further (remove limitations and fix bugs) then download (20K) the source (single module) and build the jar in your favorite Java IDE having thoroughly checked the source code.

Documentation for this utility consists of a pop-up window when the jar is initially loaded which explains what to do. Want more extensive documentation. Get the java source and read the three comment lines (which is a long way of saying you are out of luck).

LDAPviewer (LDAP Browser)

The 0.9 series alpha releases of a developmental open source LDAP browser, provisionally named LDAPviewer (LV) based on a fork of JXPlorer. Binary versions only will be available until it reaches Beta stage (expected Q2 2019) at which point source and binary will be available on a public open source repository.

LDAPviewer is developed in Java and requires a minimum of Java 1.7 (JRE/JDK 7) but does a lot better with Java 1.8 (JRE/JDK 8) or higher. Further information describing LDAPviewer functionality may be found here and the current Release Notes.

Current version is and is available in two formats:

  1. Windows standard install/uninstall exe (lv-, ~7.8 mb). Download and double click to install or follow these instructions.

  2. Zipped unsigned Apple bundle for MacOS (, ~7.2 mb). Follow these instructions to download and install on MacOS.

Problems, comments, suggestions, corrections (including broken links) or something to add? Please take the time from a busy life to 'mail us' (at top of screen), the webmaster (below) or info-support at zytrax. You will have a warm inner glow for the rest of the day.

Tech Stuff

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