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Tech Stuff - Protocols

A ragbag of information on various protocols - depends of what we need or what takes our fancy.... We keep the wireless stuff separate.

LAN 802.3 family frame formats including MAC format, Standard LAN Frame, VLAN Extended Frame, Type/Length field etc.
TCP/IP Frame formats, IPv4 only, for IP, TCP, UDP and ICMP on a single page.
DNS DNS for Rocket Scientists open guide.
LDAP LDAP for Rocket Scientists open guide.
IPv4 IPv4 Netmasks, sub-nets, CIDR and all that mind-numbing stuff. Now includes an IPv4 Calculator and an IPv4 Bitwise AND Calculator to let you experiment and play to your heart's content. Who knew IPv4 could be fun?
IPv6 Stuff about IPv6 ... used to be called IPng a long time ago, when the world was young and so were we. Now includes an IPv6 Calculator to wile away the hours when you really should be working.
VoIP Simple performance (packet and data rate) comparison of various VoIP encoding standards
ISDN ISDN Signaling standards e.g. Q.921, 931 etc. Information Elements, Message Types etc.
SSL/TLS/X.509 If you have to lie down every time you hear the words SSL or TLS or X.509 then this stuff will keep you prone for some time. To make things worse it also contains links to backgrounders on sysmmetric and asymmetric encryption, message digests, digital signatures and MACs as well as other gruesome stuff. Really Horrible.
SS7 Signaling System No.7 and an introduction to the exotic world (and alphabet soup) of SCP, STP and SSPs.
SIGTRAN Signaling System No.7 in the IP world with more alphabet soup (M2PA, SUA etc.) and the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP).
ITU-T Multi-Media Includes H.323 and associated standards (lots and lots of 'em)
MGCP (MEGACO) MGCP (Multi-media Gateway Control Protocol) and related standards
SIP Session Initiation Protocol and related stuff

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Tech Stuff

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