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Tech Stuff - HOWTOs

The beginning of a series of HOWTOs. There are many out there - we are grateful for them - they all add bits to our knowledge. The problem we find too often is that we need to look at three of four - each written from a slightly different perspective, starting with a slightly different knowledge base or with a different requirement to get the answer to our problem. Since we are fundamentally lazy - we tried to bring it all together. Our goal. Never to cover the ground again. Ever.

Samba3.x + LDAP As part of a migration toward a Single-Sign-on (SSO) configuration we just rolled our mixed Windows, Linux, FreeBSD network to a Samba Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and retired a hoary old NT4.0 Server. Our actual configuration uses FreeBSD 4.10 (which brings some limitations) but we have tried to generalise to cover the Linux systems we use as well.
Secure Perimeter We moved to a FreeBSD 5.x based configuration for all our - local and remote - firewall + NAT + DNS + DHCP requirements. This is how we configure it.
NT Lan Manager Less of a howto - more a collection of stuff as we discovered more about NTLM - pretty long in the tooth. Last updated around 2007'ish.

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Tech Stuff

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