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Web site Samples

These web sites illustrate a mixture of web programming and design capabilities. This page features the work of Julia Waks, whose own site is featured on this page, a professional graphic artist with whom we are closely associated. ZyTrax specialists translate the graphic design using the appropriate programming techniques into lightweight pages.

We specialise in 'liquid page design' and almost exclusively using advanced CSS layout techniques. If you change the size of your browser window as you look at this page you will see the page automatically resizes itself thus maintaining the 'look & feel' irrespective of how hard the user may try to destroy it! This is especially and increasingly important to-day because of the range of screen sizes available to users. What may look fantastic at 800 x 600 resolution can look rather pathetic and lost at 1280 x 1024 or even one of the increasingly higher resolutions.

You may see one or more clickable buttons (the number depends on which browser family you are using) on the right hand menu. These buttons indicate which technologies are being used on this page. In the Mozilla range of browsers the menus on this page are 100% CSS. Same for IE6 and IE7. No javascript in sight. Click the CSS Popup button to learn more.

NOTE: Most web page effects you see are produced by Javascript. We are decreasing our dependence on these client side technique in favour of CSS techniques. If you are viewing this page with Opera 7.x or any of the Mozilla browsers (Netscape 8.x, K-Meleon, Galeon etc.) the left hand menu will also stay fixed as you scroll down the page. MS Internet Explorer does not support this standard feature but we're sure it will - one day - real soon now.

These web sites have been tested with a number of browser types.

Ripples A Julia Waks design. Mouth-watering ice-cream site with very cute graphics all done by Julia in the style required by this type of site.

Not your normal business site but serves to illustrate both Julia's range and that style MUST reflect the site use and its users.

Ambatzis Web design and programming. A Julia Waks design. A very simple, low cost business site, with a clean and business like appearance. The site is designed to be both expandable and maintained by the user.
Cranky Pants Design Web Design and programming. Julia Waks design. This is Julia's own site. Full CSS positioning and 'liquid' design. Lots of CSS positioning problems to solve for this very demanding client!
NetWidget Web Design and programming. Julia Waks design. Full CSS positioning and 'liquid' design. This was a very tough site to layout with CSS - there are four background images all needing pixel perfect layout.
Corporate 1 Julia Waks design. Non functioning demo page. A high profile corporate design project for a new web site section for a demanding and style aware corporate customer.
Corporate 2 Julia Waks design. Non functioning demo page. An style exercise to cram a lot of navigation but keep 'clutter' to a minimum. This page contains 22 separate links, but the clear separations eliminate confusion.
Navigation demo Web Design and programming. Julia Waks design prototypes for a legal client. These pages illustrate many layers of navigation.
Klinkhoff Web Design and programming. Julia Waks design. Many samples show the design evolution for this site. This prestigious art-gallery site went live in late summer/fall 2002 and has now well over 800 pages. Three web based exhibitions have already been undertaken (spring 2003) and another 3 planned for the rest of 2003. About twice their normal number of exhibitions.

The site is designed to be maintained by the user without any Web technical knowledge using ZyTrax's WebEdit service.

Galerie Sandra Goldie Web Design and programming. Julia Waks design. Stark, austerely modern theme for this new Modern Art Gallery.

The site is designed to be maintained by the user without any Web technical knowledge using ZyTrax's WebEdit service.

Charlotte Crystal Web Design and programming. Design by Julia Waks. This small site contains a number of interesting CSS image pop-up features on the front page and the studio page. There is no javascript used for these features. It is CSS2 based - very compact and very fast.

The site is also featured because of extensive work carried out to make sure the client was found by the search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. a lot of thought went into the text, many experiments were made and some new techniques developed which are starting to pay-off. It is not enough just to have a good-looking site. Customers have got to find it using their favorite search engines. It must be search engine friendly as well as user friendly. We regularly get email from web site owners asking why their super-duper, flash based web is not being indexed on search engines. And the answer - wouldn't you just like to know......

SteamPacketRadio Web programming. Simple design includes a heavily processed image which started life as a day time shot of Kualalumpur (one of Steam Packet Radio's test sites). Javascript drop-down menus simplify navigation.

Mail Us Web Programming example. Standard 'Mail Us' page used throughout the ZYTRAX, and many of our client's sites. Standard 'mailto' services only works if the PC is configured for a mail client and typically does not work in an internet cafe or an airport lounge or where the return email address is incorrect. This service works irrespective of the users PC configuration.

Page uses a mixture of Javascript on the browser which feeds to a PHP CGI script on the server.

Mail this Page Web Programming example. Standard 'Mail this Page' used throughout the ZYTRAX, and many of our client's sites allowing the user to mail a url of this page to a third party. Try it out.

The page uses a mixture of local Javascript and a PHP CGI Script on the server. Illustrates both client-side (Javascript) and server-side (PHP) programming.

Pop-up Menu Web Programming example. Click on any side menu to activate (or any top menu on this page). This illustrates the ZYTRAX lightweight version of the popular Javascript pop-up menu. Most pop-up menus download about 27 - 35K of code (you are paying for this bandwidth). The ZYTRAX version uses about 2K!! For modern advanced browsers we have replaced the client side Javascipt with a W3C STANDARDS COMPLIANT CSS version of the pop-up/pop-out menu which generates even smaller pages.

Your browser is NOT a modern W3C standards compliant browser. The pop-up/pop-out menus use Javascript and require the client browser to have Javascript enabled. If you were using one of the Mozilla/Gecko browsers the pop-up/pop-out menus would be W3C CSS based and your 'look 'n feel' would be maintained even if the user's browser has Javascript disabled and which, because of security concerns, is increasingly frequent.

The bottom line. You don't pay for excessive bandwidth and most important your visitors do not have to wait (for no apparent reason) while your navigation features download (35K takes about 10 seconds on a normal modem, ours takes < 1 second).

Javascript Javascript Programming example. This page illustrates a series of wireless calculators developed by ZYTRAX for its new Air-Frame range wireless of products. These calculators answer user questions about range, radio power and other exotic topics.

While specific to wireless customers this page illustrates the general nature of extensive Javascript programming. The calculators use Javascript to minimise server loads (all the calculations are local) and to ensure that there is minimal delay between calculations.


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If you are happy it's OK - but your browser is giving a less than optimal experience on our site. You could, at no charge, upgrade to a W3C STANDARDS COMPLIANT browser such as Mozilla

Mixed Family and Personal site - CSS liquid layout - Julia Waks design

Zytrax - Advanced CSS pages popup menus and fully liquid CSS layout

Julia Waks site - we only did the programming - full CSS layout and liquid design

Mouth watering Ripples Ice Cream site (Julia Waks design)

Galerie Klinkhoff - artist page layout sample (Julia Waks design) site - Full CSS layout and liquid design (Julia Waks design)

Fabric Specialist and Interior designer Charlotte Crystal (Julia Waks design)

Site for enthusiastic and safe running based on the Chi method (Julia Waks design)

Self managed site (webedit) for a Shanti style Yoga school (Julia Waks design)

SteamPacketRadio - Background is KualaLumpur by day!

Stark, Minimalist look for a gallery of Modern Art - Julia Waks design

ZyTrax - complex Javascript implementation of a series of wireless calculators

Legal client - navigation sample (Julia Waks design)

AMBATZIS - Low Cost business site (Julia Waks design)


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