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Web Hosting services

We believe you should have your own domain name for these reasons. If you don't currently have a domain name we'll help you register one (we make no charges for this, but there may be charges from the registration authority for which you are responsible).

We offer three Web hosting services and also provide high quality but competitively priced custom web design and programming services. Web designers may want to review our design notes. Web programmers and web professionals may want to review our technical features.

Cookie-Cutter Webs

For those companies without a Web site and who want to get a presence on the Web, maybe while they plan what to do next.

We build you a web shell using a web 'template' or Content Management System. You choose from hundreds standard designs, each of which is a 5 - 50 page web depending on needs and budget and then customise it using a browser based interface. You do not need any specialist knowledge. The page library currently consists of the following page types:

  1. Splash Page - Company (with logo), your mission statement and a description of the business you are in (you supply this text) and has a left menu that you customise.
  2. Contact Us page - address, telephone, email, fax etc.
  3. Office Location page
  4. Product Intro page
  5. Product Description page
  6. Product Pricing page
  7. Service Intro page
  8. Service Description page
  9. Service Pricing page
  10. E-mail page
  11. Support Intro
  12. Support pages
  13. FAQ page
  14. Personal Bio page
  15. Links page

Finally you can edit the colour scheme, font styles and font sizes used on all your pages to add that unique touch.

YourWeb - Simple Hosting

Its your Web site. We provide the space and set up the environment. Plan price depends on a number of factors web size, features used and volume of traffic. The Standard Service starts at $7.99 or $29.99 per month which is suitable for small and medium business usage. The service includes a usage based charge an depending on traffic volume, web size and features required, prices can go into thousands of dollars per month for serious sites. Our standard web stats give you plenty of control and warning.

WebServ - Server Hosting

You install your Web (and/or FTP) Server on our site. The Plan price depends on a number of factors e.g. web size, services you require from us and the volume of traffic. Starts from $350 per month and goes to over thousand of dollars per month.

Custom Web Design

We design and code your web site your site. It costs ~$100 per normal page (with no special programming). You supply the text content. We can then add to this basic bundle - graphic design, special programming, translation, writing and other services. A typical 5 - 7 page web will cost in the range $1,000 to $1,500. But the look and feel is uniquely yours.

Web Hosting Service Pricing

Printable service contract and order form.


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