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Your own Domain Name

We think having your own domain name is important for these reasons:

  1. It's yours. As long as you pay any applicable registration fees! You may already have missed the chance to get the domain name you want but the longer you leave it the less likely it is you could even get close.

  2. Mobility. It gives you the freedom to move ISP wherever and whenever you like - but your e-mail and web addresses stay the same.

  3. Image. Some businesses spend thousands to get the right office address to put on their letterhead because its important for their image, but they have e-mail addresses for As customers become more 'net savvy' this can let an expensive corporate image down very badly indeed. Your own domain name gives customer and suppliers the impression that you are truly 'on the net'.

  4. Brand. As the world increasingly turns to the 'net' first to check out capabilities, prices, specifications and even buy (e-commerce applications) your domain name will become an increasingly valuable corporate asset. A brand name to help you fight for space in an already overcrowded electronic world.

  5. Gotta Have One. We have reached the point where many people (maybe not yet the majority) are surprised when you don't have a web site. Its like a fax machine - who doesn't have a fax machine today.


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