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Appliance Products

The new range of NetWidget Appliance products have the following characteristics:

The NetWidget Appliance comes with a complete range of functionality:

ZyTrax IP Router Products

We design and market high feature IP routers and bridges for both wireless (the Air-Frame range) and wireline (the Warp range) networks.

Air-Frame Wireless routers and bridges

The Steam Packet Radio Air-Frame range of wireless LAN routers and bridges provides multi-megabit wireless Internet access. The Air-Frame family has the following capabilities:

Air-Frame is a high-quality, very cost-effective Wireless IP router.

Warp ISDN Router Family

The Warp family is a range of fast ISDN Routers that support ZyTrax's HotPools Routing Technology and is optimized for sites which have variable bandwidth requirements and sensitive Quality of Service (QoS) requirements e.g. Web sites, FTP sites and especially IP Videoconferencing. The Warp family currently consists of:

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