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C_C++ Users Journal_ June 1997
C_C++ Users Journal_ Source Code Links


EmbeddedJava(TM) Application Environment
For Developers
FreeBSD Foundation Java Downloads
Java Developer Connection Home Page
Java Telelphony API Home Page
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition 1.4.0_03
JavaBeans - Component APIs for Java
Microsoft on Java
The Source for Java(TM) Technology
Visual J Web Page


CNET - Web Building - Programming & Scripting - 20 JavaScript Window Tips
Definitive Text rollovers (cross-browser)
DHTML Tutorial #6 -- Text Link Color Flips
ECMA homepage (ECMA-262 = Javascript)
Events And JavaScript Part 3 - The Event Object - The Web Developer's Journal
Excellent Intro Turorial
IRT - Dynamic Positioning (obect inspection)
Javascript ZDNet
JavaScript - W3C DOM Compatibility Table
JavaScript Column
JavaScript document.writeln - SearchTools Index Test
JavaScript Guide
Javascript Objects
javascript popup window javascript new window open close window setfocus
JavaScript Primers
JavaScript Source Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help
JavaScript Tutorial
JavaScript Window Examples (TM) - JavaScript Tutorials and Free Java Scripts
JavaScripts -- Navigation (ZDNET)
Lightweight Pop Out Menus
Lots of Javascript links
Microsoft Scripting Technologies
My Sidebar Developer's Guide
Netscape - JavaScript Developer Central
Netscape - JavaScript Menu Object (cross browser)
Netscape Server-Side JavaScript Documentation
O'Reilly Network Dynamic Content with DOM-2 (Part I of II) [Aug. 17, 2001]
PPK-JavaScript - Level 1 DOM - Introduction
Project Cool [Developer Zone] JavaScript-Scripts
Show Object Properties
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials - Your home for JavaScript and Dynamic HTML on the Web.
Working with Windows Creating a Popup Window
Working with Windows Writing Content to a Window
ZDNet JavaScripts (library)

New Folder




FPDF 1.53 Reference Manual
HTML 2 (F)PDF Project
PEAR The PHP Extension and Application Repository
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP Tutorial - Contents - PHP scripts (great)
SitePoint Article PHP5 Review
The PHP Resource Index Complete Scripts PHP Tutorial Writing a Feedback Form (a FormMail Script) for Your Website


IronPython - Home
O'Reilly Network Python DevCenter
Python Journal thru 3(1), Volume 3, Issue 1, c. 2002
Python Language Website
Python SIGs


Learning to Use Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions



RDoc - Document Generator for Ruby Source
RDoc Documentation

Dr. Dobbs Article on Ruby
eigenclass - Changes in Ruby 1.9
Learning Ruby
Programming Ruby The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
RDoc Documentation
Ruby Central
Ruby Code & Style
Ruby Home Page
Ruby Home Page[1]
Ruby on Rails
Ruby Programming-Syntax-Method Calls - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Ruby WindowsInstaller
RubyForge Welcome
RubyGems Manuals
RubyMail Home Page -- Ruby Email Library
RubyNewbies - Information for the Ruby Beginner - Tuesday July 22, 2003
The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC
Using Ruby


MaRö's Unix Shell scripts
parrot - Parrot
Perl Mongers The Source for Perl -- perl development, perl conferences


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