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Appendix A - LDAP Notes & Explanations

The following notes provide more detail about certain aspects of either LDAP or OpenLDAP:

  1. OpenLDAP - change or add LDAP or LDAPS port numbers
  2. LDAP: Root Name Angst (a.k.a. base, suffix)
  3. LDAP: Defining a simple Root or Suffix
  4. LDAP: Defining an X.500 format Root or Suffix
  5. LDAP: Defining an RFC 2247 format Root or Suffix
  6. LDAP: URL Searches
  7. LDAP: DNs and RDNs
  8. LDAP: subentries
  9. LDAP: DN used in Authentication (Bind DN and Principal DN)
  10. LDAP: Text Search Filter
  11. LDAP: Component Matching Search Filter
  12. OpenLDAP: Multiple DITs
  13. LDAP: OID (Object Identifiers)
  14. LDAP: Quick ASN.1
  15. LDAP: Survival ASN.1
  16. LDAP: Need to define the objectClass hierarchy?
  17. LDAP: Inheritance - or why it appears an entry has two or more STRUCTURAL objectClasses
  18. LDAP: Data Types
  19. OpenLDAP: Indexing Entries
  20. LDAP: Comparison and Searching Information
  21. OpenLDAP: Adding records - slapadd vs ldapadd
  22. LDAP: Some Notes on Structuring Directories
  23. OpenLDAP: What you can and can't do without ripping up and starting again
  24. OpenLDAP: slapd command line options
  25. OpenLDAP: Notes about overlays in OpenLDAP (or when is an overlay an overlay)
  26. LDAP: Defining Search filters
  27. OpenLDAP: Notes about running/initialising OpenLDAP


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