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Security Links Page

These pages provide links to sites that contain information regarding 'security' in its broadest context. Some links contain 'howtos', some contain background information and yet others contain locations where security information and advice can be found.

cookiecentral Provides information and advise over 'cookies', what they are, what they can be used for (both benign and malicious uses).
Happy Hacker A slightly more informal site than SANS Institute but lots of good information. Typically written from the perspective of a potential 'hacker'.
Mail Abuse A site devoted to mail abuse prevention.
SANS Institute The SANS institute is the definitive source for security information on the Internet. We subscribe to their newsletter which provides weekly security threats and fixes. If you are really serious about security this is the site.
Security Scan A site which tests your PC for access to ports which may provide unintended access. Some useful information on security topics.
ShieldsUp A site which tests your PC for access to ports which may provide unintended access. Some useful information on the general topic of port based attacks. Uses a secure web connection.
CNET Article This article discusses the relative risk of being spam'd when giving out your e-mail address or when subscribing to different services. Good reading to help you mimimise the risks of a bad attack of the spam's.
CERT CERT, based at Carnegie Mellon University, researches and publishes on security matters. It also maintains an Alert center with the latest net wide threats. Mostly targeted at Servers but also contains some user information.
spamfaqs Very big page, badly organised, no clickable links, but chock full of information about spams, scams and what to do and what not to do. Solid data.

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