MySQL Web Viewer

Displays table data from a MySQL database. You need either a specific MySQL username and password for the database or the root username and password. We recommend the former. Do not use for mega big files (or you could add a WHERE clause). If host name is blank 'localhost' is assumed. If the table name is blank it will list all the tables in the specified database. If the database is blank it will give errors! The radio button is used to control whether you want to display the table data or the table structure.

The first field of each new record is marked in bold, tables are displayed three columns across and data is split at 30 bytes on each line with no regard to spaces. Table structures are displayed in the standard 5 columns with no regard to the page width. There is no error recovery or any smart stuff. Nuthin'. You get anything wrong - you get errors.

database name:
table name:
host name:
user Password
Data Structure